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West Coast Willow was created after the birth of my daughter, Willow. She has been an inspiration and light in my life since the moment I knew she existed.


Willow is a huge part of my creations and creates with me and learns the process of growing herbs, harvesting herbs, drying herbs, and creating something special made from the earth to promote healing and is always made with love.

Willow Twirl.jpg
Herbalist Nicole.jpg


Natural healing has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and as the years go by, I develop an even bigger passion for it. I attended the Euro Institute for skincare, and have taken many courses to become a certified skincare herbalist. I believe skincare is so much more than just the surface of your skin, it's an indicator of your entire well-being. I want to teach people how to properly care for and nurture their skin as well as their bodies, minds, and souls. I want to help people unite back with themselves and learn what it truly means to practice self care.

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