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All candles are made from organic soy wax and fragranced with essential oils only. Every candle is made with intention and reiki charged.

If you’ve been feeling heavy and bogged down this is the candle for you. Clear the energy in your home.


Lapis Lazuli- symbol of the night sky, protects against psychic attacks providing inner strength and courage

Black Onyx- grounding, protection, shields against negative energy

Palo Santo Dust- removes negativity and obstacles, attracts good fortune

Rosemary- clears the mind, positive and joyful herb (personally one of my favorites)

Frankincense- helps with emotional release

Dragon’s Blood- banish entities, keeps negative energy out of your home

Essential Oil Blend- Palo santo, rosemary, black spruce, Siberian for, frankincense

Protection Candle- 16 oz

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